Twitter Q & A

I got onto the idea of providing Twitter length answers to questions after reading an article over at the New Frontiers blog Theology Matters. So the basic idea will be to produce answers to common questions on Christianity in a format that is easy to remember whilst trying to remain clear and concise in no more than 140 characters. I'll also try and link to a book that will allow further investigation on the question, as the format is a little limiting.

Isn't the Bible Unreliable?
No, the Bible is the most well documented and supported piece of ancient literature, there are no comparisons from a manuscript perspective. Book Resource

Doesn't Religion just cause Wars? 
Not defending all religion but it has only been responsible for 7% of wars in human history, the main problem is people not religion per se. Book Resource

Who Made God?
Only what begins to exist needs a cause, because God is eternal and has always existed asking who made him makes no sense. Book Resource

Isn't Christianity just a Psychological Projection?
It's equally valid to argue that unbelief in God could itself be a projection of someone's own desires for God not to exist. Book Resource

Hasn't Science Disproved God?
Nothing in science has disproved Gods existence, science presents both neutral and positive inferences to a creator. Book Resource

Why are Christians anti-choice?
Xtians are pro-choice on matters that don't involve the intentional killing of a whole, growing, distinct and living member of the human community. Book Resource


  1. Can we please have a facebook page for your website?

  2. We have one for Christians which you are more than welcome to join if you are, but currently we have no plan to have any other avenue for dialogue other than the blog.

  3. Is ApologeticsUK.blogspot no longer an active blog? If not, I would like to invite the authors to join the Christian Cadre - Give me a shout in the comments if you are interested.

    1. I would be open to joining.

    2. I think that it would be a good idea if you left a comment on one of our articles. It would better get Mr. Hinman's attention, as he manages membership, etc.


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