Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Great Opportunity To Learn to Share The Gospel With People From Other Worldviews

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Ok so we have all been there, a Mormon, or a Jehovah's Witness knocks on our door, and we think, "darn what do I say now?" Often this will end with us not answering the door, or giving some kind of excuse like "I have my faith thank you" and sending them on their way. 

In my experience all that's needed is a little bit of understanding on where these guys come from, and a good knowledge of your own faith and how to communicate it with others, to be able to actually see these knocks on the door as great witnessing opportunities. 

In September we have Bill Mckeever Of Mormonism Research Ministry coming to the UK to do a speaking tour. Bill is based in Sandy, Utah and has been involved in ministry to Mormons well over 30 years and is I think, one of the best resources worldwide for Christians to learn how to lovingly share the gospel with Mormons. He has co-written Mormonism 101 and Answering Mormons questions, which are really excellent books.

You can hear more about Bill, and how he got into this ministry by watching this short video.

 You can see Part 2 here.

Bill coming over is really exciting, and we have set up a number of events around the country to try and help as many people as possible benefit from his visit. Bill really is world class and we have worked as hard as we can to make sure that there is something on near everyone while Bill is here.

We have four events planned. here are the details.

Firstly we are going to have two UK Partnerships For Christ Conference Days. These will be full days featuring not only Bill speaking on Mormonism, but also one of our team giving a session on Jehovah's Witnesses. The day will also have 2 role play sessions looking at dialogues with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. This is the first time we have put a day on like this and we think it will really help you in your witness to members of these groups, and also give you a chance to meet others with a heart for this ministry too.

Both of these conference days will have the same content, so please try and make the one that is most local to you.

Our Bradford Conference is being held at Sunbridge Road Mission In Bradford. On Saturday the 19th of September. 

This day is being run from 10am till 4pm. Places for this are £10 or £5 if you are unwaged. Plus a small processing fee. Places can be booked here.  There is also a Facebook event for this which you can find here. Please try and pre-book if you can, places will be £12 on the day or £7 unwaged if you pay on arrival.

We also have a London Conference. Which is being held at St Luke's Church, Wimbledon. On Saturday the 26th of September. 

This day is also being run from 10am till 4pm. Places for this are £10 or £5 if you are unwaged. Plus a small processing fee. Places can be booked here.  There is also a Facebook event for this which you can find here. Please try and pre-book if you can, places will be £12 on the day or £7 unwaged if you pay on arrival. Places for this event are a little more limited, so please pre-book if you can as we may run out of places before the day.

We are also being hosted by two other churches. 

Firstly Bill is going to be speaking at Bangor Parish Church in Northern Ireland. 
This is on Tuesday the 22nd of September and will run from 7pm till 10pm. There is a Facebook event 
for this here. 

And Finally Bill will be speaking at Elim Pentecostal Church, Dundee, in Scotland. 
This is on Wednesday the 23rd of September and will run from 7:30pm till 10pm. There is a Facebook event for this here.

For both of these events Bill will be giving an overview of Mormonism and how you might go about sharing your faith with Mormons when you come into contact with them. This is not about being a Bible expert, its about simply sharing your faith with lost people. Regardless of your background or experience in this area there will be much for you to learn here. 

Please come along and get in touch with any questions. There is no charge for either of these events but an offering will be taken.
Finally please share this, with others. We have the domain set up to make this nice and easy. This would help us massively if you share this on any social media, or church websites etc that you have connection with. I think many people will find this interesting but the next stage is just letting them know. All help would be amazing, thanks all.


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