Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Passed on from Paul Copan:

"Dear fellow Christian philosophers and apologists,

Do you know any European evangelical philosophers? We need your immediate help in connecting them to the Philosophers Network in Europe---and to submit papers (by 1 March 2012) or, at the very least, just to attend the conference near Budapest, Hungary (19-24 May 2012). A number of philosophers from the Evangelical Philosophical Society are lending support to this endeavor: William Craig, Scott Smith, Douglas Groothuis, and Bruce Little. (I myself am looking forward to speaking at this forum the following May.)

Keep in mind these important points:

1. This Network is European in its vision and content. It is being spearheaded by the European Leadership Forum, and it is not an American outpost.

2. This year--indeed, this month--is crucial for forming this continent-wide Network. If nothing materializes this year, then this effort will be not be revisited for a good while. So we need your prompt assistance in getting the word out to your European evangelical friends/contacts who have a philosophy degree (masters or doctorate).

3. In addition to the philosophy, this effort there will be an apologetics Network that is developed as well. What is crucial as that we have as many European evangelical philosophers and apologists as possible attending May 2012 meeting."

Additional details:

The European Leadership Forum is pleased to announce the debut of the European Christian Philosophers Network at the 2012 Forum in Eger, Hungary (19-24 May).

This Network will aim to support and encourage European Christian philosophers as they seek to incorporate their faith into their research projects, teaching, and mentoring. Because of this, the primary focus of the Network at the Forum will be the examination of philosophy from a specifically Christian perspective. Speakers who will be featured in the 2012 Network are William Lane Craig, Doug Groothuis, Bruce Little, Mike Ovey, Jerry Root, Mats Selander, R. Scott Smith, and Ralph Henk Vaggs. The full Network programme, including more about each speaker, is available online at www.euroleadership.org/philosophers

In addition to the fellowship and learning opportunities the Philosophers Network will provide, the Forum is pleased to offer the following to Network participants:

Scholarships are available to Network participants and will be awarded according to need. Scholarship recipients will pay a maximum of 50 Euros in conference fees and cover their own travel costs. To apply for a scholarship, please send an email with the subject heading, “Philosophers Network Scholarship,” to Kevin Saylor at ksaylor@euroleadership.org

The 2012 Network will feature a twenty-minute time slot each day for one of four selected participants to present a philosophy paper. The four individuals chosen to present each will receive a scholarship covering their full conference fees (excluding travel expenses). Any interested participant should be a PhD student in philosophy and submit one paper limited to 2,000 words for a 15- minute presentation. The reading of each paper will be followed by evaluation and discussion by Network speakers and participants. Papers selected will exemplify the highest standards of philosophy written from a historic Protestant point of view. All papers should be submitted to Kevin Saylor at ksaylor@euroleadership.org by 1 March 2012.

If you wish to see for yourself how God is raising up leaders in Europe to fight for truth in a secular age, then please consider applying to attend the Philosophers Network at the 2012 European Leadership Forum.

· To learn more about the European Leadership Forum in general, visit www.euroleadership.org

· To register for the Forum and the Philosophers Network, visit www.euroleadership.org/register

· For any additional questions, please email ksaylor@euroleadership.org

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