Tuesday 3 December 2013

Pro-choice Feminists gone wild

 Pro-choice Feminism

This morning however I stumbled upon an interesting video of a group of lovely pro-choice feminists who unhappy with the stance of the Roman Catholic Church in Argentina on abortion marched to a large Roman Catholic Church in San Juan to 'protest'.

Instead of rational dialogue these pro-choice feminists decided that it would be more fruitful to spray paint obscenities about the church and Jesus, spit at the men praying and protecting the church from their vandalism, draw swastikas on their heads and chests, perform sexual acts on each-other, push their breasts in the faces of the men, damage property and burn an effigy of Pope Francis.

What a fine demonstration of the fruits of 'enlightenment' thinking.

The response of the praying men is truly inspiring as they simply take what is being thrown at them physically and verbally in a display that truly represents Jesus' words to his own accusers “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

The Minority

Clearly most Feminists are not violent or nasty people like this group which is ironic seeing as how often Pro-life Christians are described and characterized by the kooky minority. Can you hear the voices of feminists all over the world shouting 'they don't represent us'. Yeah we know, just like the Kooky minority don't represent us either. It sucks to be characterised by the kooky minority who very rarely represent the majority.

Watch the video of the friendly Argentinian Pro-choice Feminists yourself below.

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