Monday, 2 September 2013

Did Jesus exist? A TV show and a debate with a feisty American atheist!!

As some of you know for five years I had the privilege of being able to cover apologetics material on Revelation TV.  Over on my blog I have been feeding links to the programmes. Covering subjects such as 'are the right books in the Bible', 'How did we get the Bible' ,' 'How do we know Jesus existed', 'What is the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus', and apologetics in Acts. In all of these programmes I tried hard to demystify the language and explanations. And to use simplified language. I will put the links on here over a period of time , I hope for some of you they will prove to be useful. Here is the link for the evidence for the existence of Jesus.

Covering similar material  I also had the privilege to be on the 'Unbelievable' programme a few times.  The first time I 'engaged' with a feisty American atheist/agnostic   know as B Strong (Brett Strong). The programme bore more resemblance to a brawl in a bar than an intellectual debate. Anyway here it is VERY entertaining!


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