Saturday 1 June 2013

Post us a question

As followers of this blog may have noticed things have been a little quiet on here for a while. This is due to a few reasons but mostly myself and others are simply too busy with work and studies. However as this blog is meant to be a resource for the kinds of questions that people are asking then may I ask that if you read this and have a question (whether you are a believer or not) please post it as a comment and we will try and
answer it over the next month or two.

Some rules for questions

1. Try and keep it to one question, if you have another question please post it as a second comment.
2. We are not theologians so if you have a specifically theological question we may try our best to answer it but we will probably also point you to a more comprehensive resource.
3. We have a number of people with different specialities so don't worry if your question is a little left field, we will endeavour to respond as comprehensively as our knowledge and research allows.
4. Try not to be rude in your formation of your question, since we will be taking our own time to answer your question please at least extend to us a modicum of respect.
5. Depending on the volume of questions, we cannot promise a minimum time that it may take us to respond to your question.

Thanks and please share the post so we have a fair few questions to deal with.



  1. What do Muslims have to do to be saved from God's judgement?

  2. Dan, could some of these questions be answered by the Reason Blog team, and posted to both sites? Might mean you have a greater pool of answerers - and would supply us with relevant questions. ??


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