Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How The New Atheists Misrepresent Christian Faith


  1. legit. have you guys seen this guys response to a pastor training "Atheist Apologists"? http://lefthemispheres.blogspot.com/2012/06/so-you-want-to-misrepresent-atheism.html

  2. I have read the bible and I have suffered the opinions of hundreds of Christians in two faith schools. The story in the New Testament features a half man half ghost creature in the shape of a man who, during the late Bronze Age, roams around the Middle East doing magic because he is gifted with supernatural powers by an all powerful, invisible being who made everything. He is then killed and comes back to life.

    This story seems impossible to anyone without religious faith.
    I think that anyone who believes such a tale without very strong, consistent, repeatable, universal evidence is an idiot.

    1. EO okay no problem of considering Christian believes as idiocy. However your post illustrates the reasons why Christians see Atheists as misrepresenting their faith. 1) New Testament does not take place during the Bronze Age. The bronze Age ended over 1000 years before those events. 2) Christianity does not believe Jesus was half ghost and half man, nor does it teach that. It does teach that Jesus was fully human and fully divine. 3) Jesus didn't roam around doing magic. He was a traveling rabbi/teacher who has miracles attributed to him. 4) Christianity has always asserted the story is impossible to accept without faith. But at the same time it does not accept blind faith. It presented its evidence and allows people to accept it or not.

      It is the derogatory and flippant way Atheists represent Christianity that makes it appear it is misrepresented. Also by Atheists doing this it seems that they have not actually read the bible and studied the issues.

      As for the suffering of opinions of Christians. So what the world is full of opinions. Just because you don't agree with them and how you react to another's opinion is your own problem, not theirs.

  3. My computer dictionary definition:

    2 strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

    Seems you want to re-write the dictionary as well as the science textbooks.


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