Sunday 22 April 2012

The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus: Timothy McGrew

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  1. If sunday was the new day of worship because Jesus rose from the dead on that day then why doesnt Eusebius of Caesarea know about it when he wrote Quaestiones ad Stephanum et Marinum.
    In this letter he defends Matthews acount of late on the Sabbath over Marks long ending account in 2 different ways.
    1. long ending of Mark is not original
    2. there should be a comma after ” And having risen up” to be "late on the Sabbath" and after” "early on one of the Sabbaths he appeared".

    It is without a doubt this must of been before Constantine declaration that Jesus rose on sunday and was missed in the burning or changing that was order by Constantine.
    I know many here will declare that the Lords day meant sunday when referenced by earlier writers but it does not. This reference has to do with what day the people performed the last supper ,some did it the day before passover which some called that day the Lords day, some did it on Passover which was a Sabbath, and some may have done it the 8th day of the 7th week of Pentecost. some did all 3. But nowhere does it state Sunday till Constantine who was a sun god worshiper.Even the Catholic church will tell you that there is nowhere in the bible a change from the Sabbath to Sunday, but it was them who changed it by claiming apostlistic authority .


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