Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Clarkson Academy

The Clarkson Academy exists to produce effective ambassadors for the most vulnerable in our society – preborn children.

Named after the British abolitionist Thomas Clarkson, who worked with William Wilberforce to bring an end to the Slave Trade, the Academy seeks to raise up pro-life leaders who are equipped with a good understanding of strategy and effective arguments. By educating the public and shifting public opinion about the evil of slavery and the identity of its victims, Thomas Clarkson’s campaigning gave meaning to William Wilberforce’s legislative work. If we are to see lives saved and the Law once again protect the pre-born child we must first learn how to shift public opinion.

We are bringing together some of the best pro-life leaders in the world for a two day conference in London. You will be trained to defend the pro-life position and will be given practical guidance on how to focus that knowledge on fruitful, strategic pro-life work. By equipping and activating a network of motivated, loving and confident pro-life leaders we can turn around the present desperate situation.
There is a small charge (£40) for the Academy but if cost alone would prevent you from coming, please let us know. We hope to be able to advise on cheap accommodation options in London.


  1. The most vulnerable of our society? What society are you living in that features preborn fetuses? When was the last time you made a transaction with a fetus? When was the last time you had to work with a gastrula? When was the last time you communicated with a blastula? When was the last time you shared the lane with a morula? When was the last time a zygote stopped a criminal?

    Sorry, fetuses are not a part of society just like sperm isn't and stem cells aren't.

  2. Hi Chronomax,

    thanks for stopping by.

    I work in obstetrics sometimes and have friends who are pregnant with a distinct, whole and growing foetus (simply Latin for little one). When its remembered that you and I were also once at that stage of human development it shouldn't be too difficult to see that there would be no society without the unborn. That in itself demonstrates one key role in society.

    The unborn are targeted simply because of their size, level of cognitive development, environment and degree of dependency. None of which are morally significant reasons to kill them.

    Your whole comment is essentially one big category mistake, associating a part with a whole and then simply begging the question that the unborn aren't a whole human being.

    Have you ever stopped a criminal? If not you aren't human by your logic. Have you ever communicated with me before here? Was I not fully human before then? Have we ever shared a lane? I can't be human.

    Your last sentence demonstrates once again how you are unable to recognise the difference between a part and its whole.

    The foetus is a whole human organism, sperm and egg are merely parts of a larger human organisms. So to compare the two is fallacious.

    I was reading your blog, I enjoyed your posts on creationism but I can't agree with you here I'm afraid.

    Take care,


  3. How does a born infant add to society?


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