Sunday 11 March 2012

William Lane Craig: The Evidence for God

This lecture was live-streamed on October 18th, 2011, from Imperial College in London. It was the second day of Bill Craig's UK Tour. The live-stream was captured and uploaded onto youtube (as one would expect) but here we have the official, high quality cut from The Reasonable Faith Tour. In particular, what you get is the audience Q&A, which was not live-streamed (with a little philosophical fumbling from yours truly, I might add)!

It was quite an experience to see Bill give his presentation, in the flesh, in an english lecture theatre! I was glad that he didn't hold back in presenting the Ontological Argument... that one really blew some minds out of their english chairs (I recall a small group sitting infront of me, half laughing, half bewildered: "he actually used that argument")!

And here we have some bonus footage for you, shot on my iphone! After the session had ended there was still time for discussion, in which Bill explained to a small group the ineffectiveness of "expand-contract" universe models for explaining away the fine tuning, appealed to in the teleological argument:

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