Monday, 27 February 2012

Hidden truths behind the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons): James White


  1. very interesting to hear mormons use similar language to christians and yet have a completely different understanding of what they mean or the intent behind their words. Just another point to use language appropriately and correctly and the danger when it is used in error. Unfortunately christians too take the language in the bible to mean things that it doesn't say so although I look to the misinterpretation of our mormon brothers I don't have to look much further than the dude sitting next to me in church who also needs to understand the language of the scripture and understand it more.

  2. Excellent presentation for understanding the difference between the Mormon God and Jesus and the God of the Bible.
    The late Pastor John Smith who had a ministry to Mormons said that in the Book of Mormon, references to God actually affirm one God. That is because the BOM plagiarizes many verses from the KJV including over a dozen chapters from Isaiah. Pastor Smith alway sought to point this out.
    The clearest empirical evidence that Joseph Smith was a fraud concerns another of their scriptures, The Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price.

    This video, an hour long, tells the story about Joseph Smith and the origin of one of the Mormon's Scriptures, The Book Of Abraham, found in The Pearl of Great Price. This video shows conclusively that Joseph Smith was a fraud when he claimed the ability to translate Egyptian.

    You need that background to fully understand it. But here are some short videos the condense it down to the essence. Watch these first, less than 3 minutes each.

    1. If these links do not work, just search these titles on youtube:

      Disproving Mormonism in 80 seconds
      Mormonism Disproved in less than 3 minutes!
      The Lost Book of Abraham


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